to Fairy Tales Nursery, Your child learns so much in the early years, and therefore it is a critical time for his/ her learning and development. We have children ourselves and we certainly know how important it is to give your child the best early education that he/she deserves. Let us assure you that your child is genuinely at the heart of our nursery. Settling down in a new place other than home can be extremely difficult for your child. This is why we aim to make your child feel like he/she has never left home, a place that is so dear to them. Yet, stimulating that home-like environment in our nursery is not enough for your child’s development.

The right education needs to be given to him/her. In his/her early years, your child does not know the difference between hot and cold, red and blue, sweet and sour; and there is no way for him/her to know the difference without his/her active and direct interaction with things, thus consolidating their knowledge of these concepts. We are here to create your child's sense of reasoning and sense of self so that he/ she has the opportunity to develop their self confidence and explore the world around them curiously and enthusiastically.

Your child's early years are his/her vital years. With your help, as a parent, we aim to provide your child an education packed with rich opportunities and provide a fun learning environment so that your child is able to fully experience his/her childhood. We aim to teach the way your child will be able to learn. We hope your child becomes part of our nursery school so he/she is able to experience the benefits of an excellent Early Childhood Education.

Fairy Tales Mission and Vision                                                                                                                     

Our aim is to provide a quality, safe and warm environment for your child. We care that your child grows up in a place where he/she feels loved, valued and respected. Our mission is to also provide teaching in such a way that is fun for your child. Our curriculum is designed to provide your child social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and support. We provide your child with educational activities according to his/ her age group as this is crucial to develop his/her skills at the foundation stage.

We believe that creative play and social interaction are essential to your child’s learning and development. Friedrich Froeben, the “Father of the Kindergarten”, articulated the heart of early education when he stated that “Children must master the language of things before they master the language of words.” We truly believe in his philosophy. We encourage self discovery and our curriculum promotes that. Our vision is to provide your child with a fun and educational environment where he/she is cared for by staff who are dedicated to the highest standards in early child development and education.


Fairy Tales Nursery is licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs in The State of Qatar to provide childcare and pre-school education for babies and children aged from 2 months to 4 years. The nursery is managed by a director and run by a team of qualified, experienced and caring nursery teachers and teaching assistants.